The Bill Requests function is available from the Case Enquiry screen in Insight Legal. The user is presented with a billing guide from which they can select the relevant time recording and disbursement entries, along with a selection of invoice templates.

For firms who time record, a list of all time recording entries not already billed will be displayed on screen. Users can choose whether they select items individually, select all time recording, select entries between specified dates or select entries up to a specified value.

For firms who do not time record, it is as simple as entering an amount for your costs. Insight Legal will automatically calculate the appropriate VAT.

Different firms and different people record their time in many different ways.

Some practices will time record at hourly rates for the fee earners, some will record time at rates dependant on the matter type, some will record time at different rates for different activities and some won’t record time at all. The Law Society provides some guidance on the hows and whys of Time Recording.

The Insight Legal system has been designed to accommodate every type of firm with a time recording system that is both flexible and easy to use.