What we do

Centrix Legal, through its strategic partnership with Insight Legal Ltd provides Practice Management Systems for Law Firms.

Insight is recognized as a market leading provider of Practice Management Systems to the legal profession, which has been recognized by winning the prestigeous Institute of Legal Finance & Management Solicitors’ Software Users Award 2016.

The following list is not exhaustive but covers the main areas that the Insight Practice Management System can assist your firm with (simply click on the category for a detailed description):

Legal Accounts

Practice Management

Case Management



Time Recording

So what are the advantages of using Insight Legal and why do clients trust them?

Why use Insight Legal?

So what are the advantages of using Insight Legal and why do clients trust them?

Insight Legal provide a single integrated Legal Accounts, Practice and Case
Management system. It provides all of the functionality required to manage all
types of practices from small start-ups to medium and large sized firms.

Insight Legal is a modern system for today’s legal practices unencumbered by legacy
technology and thinking.

All firms have different requirements of their software systems. The needs of a small
practice will vary significantly to those of a large city firm. Although both firms need
to adhere to the same SRA Accounts Rules and the same COLP & COFA regulations,
how the practices are run will be quite different. For this reason, Insight Legal
Software set out to create a single software system that combines Legal Accounting,
Practice Management and Case Management together in a totally unified solution.

The software is highly functional but very easy to use and will grow with firms as
their needs and requirements evolve.

In 2016, Insight Legal were the winners of the highly prestigious ILFM Solicitors’
Software User Award. The Institute of Legal Finance and Management poll their
members who are asked to score their legal accounts package in a number of
different areas covering training, helpdesk support and system functionality.

Announcing the award, Tim Kidd, Chief Executive of the ILFM said “We are delighted
to present this award to such an important industry stakeholder. The tools and
services made available to legal cashiers and legal finance managers can make all
the difference, from speeding up processes, to overall job satisfaction. Insight Legal
scored consistently very highly across the board, and excels in three out of the four
areas – Training, Helpdesk support, Daily routines, Monthly routines. An ILFM
member responded to the survey: ‘Insight is without doubt the best Legal Accounting
software I have used in circa 30 years of using computerised accounts’.”

The software is usable, affordable and accessible.

How does it work?

The Insight Legal System is a Microsoft Windows Application.

This means that it needs to run in a Windows environment, it doesn’t necessarily
need to be on a PC running Windows or with everything on a traditional LAN (Local
Area Network)- although the system will run happily in that environment, there are
plenty of other platforms and deployment options. We chose to develop a Windows
application as these still give by far the best user experience.

For Centrix customers, the database will be held securely in the Cloud using
Microsoft’s Azure Database Storage. This means that you can access the system from
wherever you can connect your PC or laptop to the internet. This might be in your
office, at home or on the move. It also means that Centrix can be working on and
managing your accounts at the same time as you are working on your cases.

The connection between you and the database is highly encrypted meaning hackers
will not be able to intercept any data whilst it travels between you and Microsoft’s
UK based Data Centres.

If your firm is not quite ready to move to a cloud based system, then there are plenty of other deployment options. Just let us know your preference and we will determine the best option for your practice.