8. Managing People Courses.

(a). Giving 360 Feedback

(b). Managing Absenteeism

(c). Body Language

(d).How to be an Effective Coach.

(e). Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

(f). Developing People Effectively.

(g). Managing Discipline & Grievances

(h). Empowerment.

(i). Handling Resistance

(j). How to be an Effective Mentor.

(k). An Introduction to People Management.

(l). Effective Performance Management.

(m). Managing Problem Behavior.

(n). Understanding the Benefits of Staff Psychometric Testing

(o). Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Testing

(p). Understanding Effective Reward Systems

(q). Tackling Difficult Conversations

(r). Talent Management Testing

(s). Team Building Activities to bind the Team

(t). Effective Team Working.

(u). Managing and Creating Virtual Teams.