1. Communication Courses.

(a). Assertiveness for work and business

(b). Body Language

(c). How to be an Effective Communicator

(d). Emotional Intelligence

(e). Giving 360 Feedback

(f). Handling Resistance

(g). Impact & Presence

(h). How to be an effective Influencer in Business

(i). How to Conduct an Effective Interview

(j). Managing Difficult Participants

(k). How to Conduct Effective Meetings.

(l). Effective Networking for Business

(m). Neuro Linguistic Programming.

(n). How to deliver an Effective Presentation

(o). How to make “Story Telling” Effective in Business

(p). Tackling Difficult Conversations

(q). Telephone Handling Skills

(r). Improving Vocal Skills.

(s). Improving Working Relationships

(t). Workplace Politics

(u). Effective Business Writing Skills