We provide executive, non executive or general management assistance at board level . Our expertise lies in delivering strategic, management, financial, operational and business development advice to businesses of all sizes. We have multi sector experience particularly in the areas of Healthcare, Legal, Architecture and Design and Contact Centres.


We provide bespoke restructuring services to businesses of all sizes. We are highly experienced in advising on cash stabilization, financial and operational restructuring of stressed businesses. We act not only for distressed businesses but also those undergoing change through success.

Strategic Growth and Business Development.

We provide Strategic insight to assist businesses with their growth plans. This may include advice on strategic acquisitions, internal growth strategies or increased market penetration through business development campaigns and the creation new radical income streams to the firms business model.

Non Executive Directorships

We provide experienced individuals for non executive directorships. We have extensive experience advising on strategy, performance and risk assessment. We bring calm, discipline, focus and value to pressurized environments often working to extremely tight deadlines.


Our expertise includes advising on value creation via significant financial and operational changes. We’re experienced in advising on both strategy and implementation for businesses of all sizes. Creating robust turnaround plans and implementing change that stabilize businesses and provide a platform for growth and long term success.


Our team are experienced in the return of an under performing business to sustainable profitability. We provide bespoke business change services to stressed and distressed clients where operational, financial and debt structures can be large and complex. Once stabilized we then assist the business use the time created to facilitate long term sustainable business strategies and plans.

We provide executive, non-executive or general “hands on” assistance at board and senior management level. Our expertise lies in delivering management, financial and operational advice to businesses of all sizes. We have multi-sector experience including hotel, media, travel, leisure and retail.